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Default IGNOU MA History assignment in Hindi.

Dear Sir,

I want IGNOU MA History,First year, assignment in Hindi.
Please help me.

Sameer Kumar
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Default Re: IGNOU MA History assignment in Hindi.

What is the address of IGNOU Pune I want the address and contact number of the center, as I wanted the details of courses and fee structure and last dates for admissions.
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Default Re: IGNOU MA History assignment in Hindi.

here I am giving you assignments for MA history course offered by Indira Gandhi national open university

some content is given below :


Section – A
1. What do you understand by Pastoral nomadism? Give a brief account of its spread in different
regions. 20

2. Analyse the use of copper and bronze in early civilisations. What were its implications? 20

3. Analyse with illustrations the process of emergence of large empires during the ancient period. 20

4. Give a brief account of nature of Kingship and government in North Africa. 20

5. Write short notes on any two of the following in 250 words each: 10+10
i) Sources for the study of Pre-history
ii) Sacral Kingship
iii) Conflict of Aristocracy and Peasantry in Greece during classical period
iv) Transition from hunting-gathering to agriculture

Section – B
6. Critically analyse the religion in Late Roman Empire and the rise of Christianity. 20
7. Discuss major business communities and their trading activities during the medieval period in
India. 20
8. Outline the major advances in science and technology during the medieval period. How it
affected the society? 20

9. Critically examine the various factors that led to the changes in demography in medieval
Europe. 20

10. Write short notes on any two of the following in 250 words each: 10+10

i) Taoism and Confucianism
ii) Lords and Vassals
iii) Organisation of production and Guilds in Europe
iv) Debate on decline of Feudalism in Europe

Section – A
1. Explain the influence of the Enlightenment in changing the socio-political order in
Europe. 20

2. Define the concept of the welfare state. Analyse the measures taken by Japan towards
the welfare of its citizens. 20

3. What is Colonialism? Discuss the various stages of Colonialism. 20

4. Discuss in brief different types of migration and how did migration shape world history. 20

5. Write short notes on any two of the following in about 250 words each. 10+10
1) Renaissance and Humanism
2) Gandhian perspective on the State
3) Nature of Industrial Society
4) Urbanism.

Section – B
6. Discuss the debate over Unipolarity. What are the challenges to the Unipolar world? 20

7. What do you understand by the Cold War? How did it affect the world politics? 20

8. Analyse the development of modern systems of education. 20

9. Critically analyse various perspectives on Consumerism. 20

10. Write short notes on any two of the following in about 250 words each. 10+10

1) Non-aligned Movement
2) Legacy of the French Revolution
3) The Bolshevik Party
4) The Human Genome Project.


Section – A
1. Discuss the process of transition from pre-state to state in the early period in North India. 20

2. Explain the nature of state formation under the Rajputs? 20

3. Discuss the various interpretations regarding the nature of Mughal state. 20

4. Give a brief account of the main features of Princely states. What was there position in the
context of colonial state? 20

5. Discuss the nature of polities from 2nd century B.C to 3rd century A.D. 20

Section – B
6. Briefly describe the administrative system of the Cholas. 20

7. Write a note on the working of the central provincial and local administration under the Delhi
Sultanate. 20

8. Critically discuss the land revenue settlements introduced by the colonial state? 20

9. Briefly discuss the development of the New Subedari- Awadh in the 18th century. 20

10. Write short notes on the following in 250 words each. 10+10
i) Kingdom of Malwa in the 15th century
ii) Judicial system in ancient India


Section – A
1. Discuss major trends in colonial historiography. Provide Marxist interpretation of the
colonial viewpoint. 20

2. What was the nature of foreign trade during the BC 300 to 300 AD. In what ways did
the pattern of trade differ between the Deccan and the Tamilkam. 20

3. What was the composition of rural masses engaged in the agricultural production in
post-Gupta north India? 20

4. State the importance of pastoral and forest products in the medieval economy. 20

5. Discuss everyday forms of peasant resistance in Mughal India. 20

Section – B
. Examine the growth of business practices in medieval period. To what extent were the
joint venture enterprises successful in the medieval period? 20

7. Analyse the changing pattern of India’s trade during the second half of the 19th century. 20

8. What was the impact of colonial interventions on tribal economy? 20

9. Explain ‘re-industrialisation’ in the Indian context. What was the pattern of growth of
Indian small scale industries during the late 19th and early twentieth centuries? 20

10. Write short notes on any two of the following. Answer in about 250 words each. 10+10
i) Plinny’s account on Pepper
ii) Brahmadeya grants iii) Sarrafs
iv) Early Census


1. Write a critical note on the Rankean tradition of history-writing. 20
2. Discuss the important features of Indo-Persian tradition of history-writing during the
Mughal period. 20

3. Who are considered to be the founders of the Annales School of historiography?
Discuss their works. 20

4. What do you understand by ‘microhistory’? Discuss the historians and their works
related to this tradition of history-writing. 20

5. What is causation? Discuss the method followed in history for establishing the
causality. 20

6. What is postmodernism? Discuss the postmodernist views on history. 20

7. What is colonial historiography? Discuss some of the important historians and their
works associated with this trend. 20

8. What do you understand by the term ‘subaltern’? Discuss the development of the
project of the Subaltern Studies in India. 20

9. Discuss the features of feminist historiography in India. 20

10. Write short notes in about 250 words each on any two of the following: 10+10
a) D.D. Kosambi and Indian historiography
b) Colonial perception of caste
c) Nationalist historiography
d) The Cambridge School.

1. Comment on the sources for writing of ancient history. Is interpretation a problem? 20

2. How is society reflected in the rituals of the Vedic texts? 20

3. “The label ‘tribe’ is an unstable category”. Comment in the light of the post 6th Century
B.C. developments. 20

4. Do you agree with B. D. Chattopadyaya that the transition to early medieval period
should be seen more in terms of the local and regional movements rather than in terms
of a crisis of a pre-existent, pan Indian social order? Discuss. 20

5. Discuss the issue of proliferation of jatis in the early medieval period. 20

6. Comment on the debate on the origin and growth of the Rajputs as clans and
confederacies. 20

7. Discuss the debate on the village communities in North India. 20

8. How do you look at B. R. Ambedkar’s concept of ‘annihilation of caste’? 20

9. Discuss the role of women in the Indian national movement. 20

10. Did the socio-religious movements during the colonial period ‘reorder’ society in the
areas of ‘social behaviour, structure and control? Comment. 20


1. Discuss how Indian Landscape has been perceived socially? 20

2. Examine the nature of Environmental Writings for the pre-colonial Period in India. 20

3. Examine the emergence of Nomadic Pastoralism in India. 20

4. Examine the methods and tools of Indus Agriculture. 20

5. Write Short Notes on any two of the following (250 words each): 10+10

a) Neolithic Revolution
b) Vegetation in India
c) Coastal Lowlands
d) Renewable Resources

6. Describe the notion and attributes of Universe in Indian philosophy. 20

7. Elaborate the nature of Colonial Environmental Agenda. 20

8. Write an essay on the significance of forest as a natural resource. 20

9. Explain the significance of biodiversity. 20

10. Write Short Notes on any two of the following (250 words each): 10+10
a) Deep Ecology
b) Small Dams versus Big Dams
c) Forms of Energy in Nature
d) Alternative Development- Gandhian View


1. Discuss the major contents of western political thought. What is the significance of
western political thought?
2. Analyse Machiavelli’s ideas on the state and the concept of sovereignty.
3. Examine the nature and characteristics of Rousseau’s General Will.
4. Write a brief note on the political philosophy of Bentham.
5. Explain J.S. Mill’s contribution to liberalism and equal rights for women.

Write a short note on the following in about 250 words each:
6. a) Plato’s theory of justice
b) Thomas Hobbes on the rights and duties of the sovereign

7. a) Aristotle’s theory of slavery
b) John Locke’s ideas on Resistance and Tolerance

8. a) Edmund Burke’s criticism of the French Revolution
b) Emanuel Kant’s political ideas on morality and peace

9. a) Alexis de Tocqueville’s views on the role of religion in politics
b) Hegel’s Philosophy of history

10. a) Hegel’s political ideas on Idealism
b) Marx’s theory of class war


1. Write an essay on political ideas in Ancient India.

2. Discuss the question of modernity and its colonial roots in India.

3. Examine the social and political ideas of E.V. Ramaswamy Naicker.

4. Make a comparative analysis of Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo’s views on

5. Explain Rabindranath Tagore’s ideas on freedom, humanism and nationalism.

Write short notes on the following in about 250 words each:
6. a) Ideas of Dayanand Saraswati
b) Ideas of Jyotiba Phule

7. a) Hindu nationalism of V. D. Savarkar
b) Political ideas of M. S. Golwalkar

8. a) Mohammad Iqbal’s social and political world view
b) Kazi Nazrul Islam’s ideas on Hindu-Muslim issue

9. a) Jawahar Lal Nehru’s views on Socialism
b) Evolution of the Communist Movement in India

10. a) Gandhi’s views on the concept of Swaraj
b) Socialist thought of Rammanohar Lohia
Answered By StudyChaCha

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Default Re: IGNOU MA History assignment in Hindi.

Originally Posted by sameer2828 View Post
Dear Sir,

I want IGNOU MA History,First year, assignment in Hindi.
Please help me.

Sameer Kumar
Dear sir/madam

i need ma 1st year history assignment in Hindi medium

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Default Re: IGNOU MA History assignment in Hindi.

hello sir /mam , i m student of ignou MAH plz send me 1st year assingnments of history plz in hindi medium plz mail on my e-mail id thanks.
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