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Default Thapar Leet Syllabus Download

Please give me syllabus of Thapar Leet exam. I want to get it.
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Default Re: Thapar Leet Syllabus Download

Thapar University conducts Lateral Entry Entrance Examination in order to admit to the second year of the engineering programme.

Syllabus for Thapar University LEET entrance exam

Section A

Harmonic Progressions
Binomial expansion
Rank of a matrix
Ellipse and Hyperbola
Implicit function
Elementary operations
Differentiation of a function
Parametric function
Successive differentiation
Partial Differentiation
Maxima and Minima
Definite and indefinite Integration
First order and first degree ordinary differential equations

Motion In One And Two Dimensions
Conservation Laws Of Energy
Properties Of Matter I.E. Elasticity
Newton’s Laws Of Motion
Work And Energy
Surface Tension
Viscosity In Fluid Motion
Waves And Vibration
Characteristics Of Waves
Simple Harmonic Motion
Rotational Motion
Conservation Of Angular Momentum
Newton’s Law Of Gravitation
Kepler’s Law And Satellite
Heat And Temperature
Measurement Of Temperature
Mode Of Transfer Of Heat And Their Laws
Geometric Optics And Simple Optical Instruments
Simple Laws Of Electrostatics
Capacitors And Dielectric Constant
Conventional And Non-Conventional Energy Sources]
Dimensional Analysis And Their Limitations

Hard And Soft Water
Types Of Hardness
Disadvantages Of Hardness Of Water
Brief Introduction Of The Term Acidity
Equivalent Weight
PH Value
Definition Of Symbol, Formula, Volency & Chemical Equation

Communication Skill
Antonyms And Synonyms
Communication Technique
Grammatical Ability
Preposition Correction
Voice Narration

General Awareness

Section B:

Elements of Computer Engineering
Fundamentals of Computers
Computer Organization
Operating Systems
Programming in C
Basic of Computer networking
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Default Re: Thapar Leet Syllabus Download

As you want to get the syllabus for LEET Examination conducted by Thaper University, so here I am providing the full syllabus of LEET Exam;

Thaper University LEET Syllabus

Exam will be held in two parts:
Paper I General
Paper II Professional

Syllabus for Paper II Professional
Manufacturing Process: Dry sand and green sand casting: Casting defects: Die casting, Continuos casting and Centrifugal casting, Welding Process: Gas welding, Arc welding, Resistance welding; Thermit welding: Soldering and Brazing: Welding defects and precautions, Elements of metal cutting; Cutting tools tool geometry, Cutting fluids; Lathe and Milling operations: Grinding process, grinding wheel: Introduction to Broaching and gear generation processes; Electric discharge machinery. Water Jet machining and ultrasonic machining. Forming processes: Hot and Cold working: Rolling: Punching, blanking, shearing, spinning.

Thermal Engineering: Basic concept of Thermodynamics : Energy, Thermodynamics systems, types (open and closed) Heat and work, specific heat, Enthalpy, laws of thermodynamics : Zeroth, First and Second laws Reversible and irreversible process, Entropy. Description of various types of Boilers, boiler mountings and accessories. Basic concepts of thermal conduction, convection and radiation. Basic equations of different cases of Conduction. Convection (natural and forced) and radiation. Concept of Black, white and opaque bodies, Stefan Boltzmans laws.

Mechanics of Solids: Concepts of bending moment and shear force. Bending moment and shear force diagrams for cantilevers, simply supported beams, overhanging beams subjected to concentrated and U.D. Ls. Concepts of torsion. Derivation of torsion equation for circular shafts. Close coiled helical spring subjected to axial load and twisting moment, stiffness of a spring. Its angle of twist, strain energy and proof resilience.

Metrology: Necessity and importance of Metrology in Engineering field, standards of measurements, line and wave length : Limits, fits and tolerances. Concept of interchangeability. Angle and Taper Measurements : Slip gages and dial indicator in taper measurement. Screw Thread Measurements : Measurements of Mojor diameter. Minor diameter, effective diameter, pitch. Angle and Form of threads for external and internal threads. Comparator : Types of Comparators (Mechanical, optical, electrical, electronic and pneumatic). Limit gauges : Go and No-go gauges. Alignment tests on lathe. drilling machine. Milling machine and grinding machine.

Materials and Metallurgy: Introduction to Engineering materials, ferrous and non-ferrous materials : Pig iron grey and white cast iron, alloying elements in steel and their effect. High speed steel, heat resistant steel and spring steel. Aluminium and its alloys. Bearing metals. Plastic materials, refractory materials, tempering, hardening and surface hardening processes, selection of materials for different components.

Industrial Engineering and Management: Work study, uses of work study : Objectives and basic procedure of Method study and work measurements. Industrial Engineering and Management: Work study, uses of work study : Objectives and basic procedure of Method study and work measurements.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning: Basic concepts and principles of refrigeration : Refrigeration methods. Air refrigeration cycle, vapour compression cycle, simple vapour absorption cycle, their applications and limitations. Refrigerants : Important properties of refrigerants, properties and applications of commonly used refrigerants such as R11, R12, R22, NH3 etc. Air conditioning, its concepts. Human comfort, application of air conditioning, Description of room air conditioning, packages air conditioner, central air conditioning system

Theory of Machines: Simple mechanisms : Flywheels, Co-efficient of friction, Motion of a body along horizontal and inclined planes. Friction in screw jack, friction between nut and screw square and V-threads. Concept of power transmission, various power transmission systems with their merits and demerits. Flat and V-belts drives, ratio of tensions. Horse power transmitted, centrifugal tension, condition for maximum power transmission, function of governors. Definitions of sensitivity, stability, synchornism and hunting of governors, description and simple problems on watt, porter and Hartnell governor.

Syllabus for Paper II Professional

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File Type: pdf Syllabus for Paper II Professional.pdf (69.8 KB, 41 views)
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Smile Re: Thapar Leet Syllabus Download

information about leet test date2014 in
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Anybody please give me full SYLLABUS of LEET OF CIVIL ENGG IN IPU. PLEASE PLEASE!!
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