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Default Bds Entrance Exam Syllabus

Can you provide me syllabus of Bachelors of Dental Survey.
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Default Re: Bds Entrance Exam Syllabus

All India Common Entrance is an entrance test conducted by Association of Private Minority Medical and Dental Colleges of Chhattisgarh.

It is conducted for admission into undergraduate programme, Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

The syllabus includes 3 subjects:

Physics (Contents of class xi)

UNIT I: Physical World and Measurement
UNIT II: Kinematics
UNIT III: Laws of Motion
UNIT IV: Work, Energy and Power
UNIT V: Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body
UNIT VI: Gravitation
UNIT VII: Properties of Bulk Matter
UNIT VIII: Thermodynamics
UNIT IX: Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory
UNIT X: Oscillations and Waves

Chemistry (Contents of class xi)

UNIT I: Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
UNIT II: Structure of Atom
UNIT III: Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
UNIT IV: Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
UNITV: States of Matter: Gases and Liquids
UNITVI : Thermodynamics
UNIT VII: Equilibrium
UNIT VIII: Redox Reactions
UNIT IX: Hydrogen
UNIT X: s-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals)

Biology (Contents of class xi)

UNIT I: Diversity in Living World
UNIT II: Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants
UNIT III: Cell Structure and Function
UNIT IV: Plant Physiology
UNIT IV: Human Physiology

For detailed information I am providing you pdf file for the syllabus.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Can you provide me syllabus of Bachelors of Dental Survey.
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File Type: pdf Syllabus of NEET Entrance exam.pdf (807.9 KB, 97 views)
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Default Re: Bds Entrance Exam Syllabus

I am searching for the All India Entrance Examination 2015 B.D.S. Mathematics syllabus? Can you please tell me from where I can download this?
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Default Re: Bds Entrance Exam Syllabus

You are asking for the All India Entrance Examination 2015 B.D.S. Mathematics syllabus. The All India Entrance Examination 2015 paper covers the syllabus from following subject:

Total Number of Questions in Entrance Exam
Mathematics 60
Physics 30
Chemistry 30
Biology 60

Here I am also uploading a file that contains the All India Entrance Examination 2015 B.D.S. Mathematics syllabus. You can download this from here. Here I am also provide you some content of the file. This is as follows:

Sets and their representation; Union, Intersection and Complement of sets and their algebraic properties;
Power set; Relation, Types of relations, Equivalence relations, functions; one-one, into and onto
functions, composition of functions.

Complex numbers as ordered pairs of reals, Representation of complex numbers in the form a+ib and
their representation in a plane, Argand diagram, Algebra of complex numbers, Modulus and Argument (or
Amplitude) of a complex number, square root of a complex number, triangle inequality, Quadratic
equations in real and complex number system and their solutions. Relation between roots and coefficients,
nature of roots, formation of quadratic equations with given roots.

Matrices, Algebra of matrices, Types of matrices, Determinants and matrices of order two and three.
Properties of determinants, Evaluation of determinants, Area of triangles using determinants. Adjoint and
evaluation of inverse of a square matrix using determinants and elementary transformations, Test of
consistency and solution of simultaneous linear equations in two or three variables using determinants
and matrice

Answered By StudyChaCha Member
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